I am an amateur photographer, and an academic economist by profession. Over the years, I have exhibited some of my work in local exhibitions in Scotland. More recently, I joined and exhibited with the f11collective. I have also started an exciting collaboration with award winning Poet Andy Jackson.

I have been taking photos since I remember, even if not always for real – as a child, I loved to observe the world through the lens of an old little camera … without a film.  But since those early days, photography has always been important to me as an ‘experience’, starting from the act of holding the camera, looking through the viewfinder, framing and clicking. These simple actions help me see the world and, I think, understand it a bit better. 

What attracts me most is the tension between the universal in the human condition and the specifics of time and place as it transpires from the ‘everyday’, as well as the interaction we have with our environment and how it shapes and is shaped by our daily life. The aesthetic aspect of photography is very important and may, at times, be an end in itself, but I think that light and composition matter most because of what they help convey – which is not immutable, because a photograph is a still image with a “dynamic core”: if what it contains is a given,  what it conveys changes every time we look at it and will be different to different people.